High pressure cleaner CLEAN’VAT

CLEAN’VAT is a high pressure cleaning system for conges, drums and buckets.

Like all products of the Cop’Matic range, the CLEAN’VAT pressure washer is a standard, mass-produced standard equipment.

It is ready to connect to your utilities:

– A compact ALL-IN-ONE design
– 3 configurations : single (VS), built-in cabin (CI), or double
– Use of High Pressure
– Optimisation of the cleaning time and water and detergent consumptions
– Ease of use (connections, accessibility, user interfaces, maintenance)
– Entirely parameterisable cleaning programmes
– Preassembled, prewired and tested in our clean room C.E. approved
– Min / Max Volume: ~ 10 L / ~ 200 L
– Washing pressure: max. 110 bar
– Duration of the washing cycle: from 10 to 20 min depending on the case

The main advantages

– Reduced operating cost
– Traceability of cleaning procedure (option)
– Environmental performances
– Minimum maintenance (elements in stock)

Many available options

The High pressure cleaner CLEAN’VAT in pictures

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