Study and design

“OEM”, 3C France studies each project and realizes complete and efficient solutions of production units, from design to qualification, in compliance with technical requirements and associated regulatory constraints (cGMP, CFR21 PART 11, Ex Proof…).

Specialized in Life Sciences, 3C France offers high level services and achievements, recognized by the leaders in pharmacy, veterinary industry, perfumes cosmetics. 3C France has developed a unique know-how in France concerning so-called difficult installations with flammable and/or toxic raw materials.

The 3C France Engineering Department represents 20% of the workforce.

It allows the study, the realization and the implementation of large-scale projects such as automated platforms, turnkey workshops with integration of peripheral machines, but also smaller but very qualitative achievements such as series of high-end process vessels, or cleaning equipment …

3C France clients benefit from a range of complementary skills : process engineering, 3D mechanical design, advanced calculation tools (pressure devices, finite element calculations, stirring simulations, thermal calculations …), electrical design and automation.

3C France is adapted to pharmaceutical projects.

It is articulated around the Project Engineers unit. This unit is in charge of the management of the design then the realization (using the quality system for traceability and controls, the evolved documentary system (CD, video …), specialized teams qualifications …).

The 3C France voluntarist R&D policy allows its clients to rely on a real partner, as part of the evolution of their processes, or the launch of new products: several “first technologies” are held regularly in 3C France clean room, both in the Cosmetics and Biotechnology sector for example.

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