Mixing and stirring

The technical services of 3C FRANCE master the various stirring / mixing technologies and are able to offer the systems required by your products.

Our solutions are adapted and sustainable (non low cost) to ensure a production start on the desired date and the durability of your facilities.

Our partnerships with the best European specialists for Life Sciences, allow to ensure an optimal performance-quality / price ratio on a central point of your processes.

A mixing / stirring special range

3C France offers a wide range of solutions for mixing, incorporation, homogenization, scraping, dispersion, emulsion…

All these functions are controlled internally, which allows the recommendation of adapted solutions upstream during the expression of your need (new process, new product, new vessel), both in terms of the design of the agitation and the process vessel that receives it.

Of course, the validation may be the subject of a CFD study and / or laboratory tests.

We bring the necessary importance to the maintenance and the evolution of your stirring systems, during specific operations of our own Customer Service, or for Maintenance Contracts.

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