Web accessibility

This site has been designed with a view to meet a maximum of points of the WCAG-2.0 standard

This standard comes from the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) and the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). This site meets WCAG-2.0 Level A requirements while normally meeting many AA-level requirements.

Hypertext links and media

Titles and images presented on the site contain Title tags and meet accessibility standards.

Zoom and adaptability

The site has been designed to be accessible with the zoom tools of browsers and is suitable for different screen sizes in portrait and landscape mode.

Tabulation navigation

You can navigate between the links of the site or at the heart of a page of the site of a link to the other with the tabulation key (Press Tab and repeat until selecting the desired link, confirm with the Enter key). This allows you to navigate without a mouse.

Accessibility link

It is accessible at the top of each page. It allows accessibility rules to be accessed with one click or with the tab method + Enter key.

Search engine

You can search by keyword in the site. The results are displayed according to the relevance of the keywords typed in relation to the titles and contents of the pages. The first 5 results presented by the engine are the results most likely to answer your search.


The breadcrumb at the top of each internal page shows you the navigation path you have taken by locating the page displayed on the screen and allows you to go back in the tree.

Permanent display of navigation menus

The main menu is constantly visible on the screen and follows the movement of the mouse. A menu is also present and permanently visible in the footer.

Link «upper page»

The link “Upper Page” (located at the bottom of page) allows, as its name suggests, to return at the top of the page with only one click.


If despite the care taken to the site accessibility, contents / information do not appear to you correctly or are not accessible to you, you can reach us by phone at +33 (0)2 48 81 66 66 or by email using our contact form.