Risk treatment

3C France will be able to offer you its know-how expertise which will be adapted to all types of so-called difficult installations with flammable raw materials and environmental constraints (DREAL) linked to the implementation of CMR products.

Our main contractors all aim to produce just, safely and in compliance EC.

3C France as a manufacturer / installer must issue EC certification for unit equipment, skids and production lines. This is a regulatory obligation.

Through its experience and its obligation to advise, 3C FRANCE presents the essential steps upstream of a project, namely :

  • Development of the industrial process while controlling industrial risks
  • Risk analysis methods
  • Issuance by a manufacturer of a certificate of conformity of the production facility in compliance with the regulatory requirements in force.

3C France makes you benefit from its process / safety expertise

– in the field related to EX Proof directives
– through customized tests
– identifying risks associated with your industrial processes
– in the use of HAZOP, LOPA methods
– laboratory tests approved for defining physico-chemical parameters of dry materials…

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