Manufacturer of equipment for the cosmetics industry for 40 years, 3C France offers its industrial solutions made according to the customer specifications, in consideration of all imposed requirements.

Our equipment and stainless steel vessels dedicated to the manufacture and storage of products of the cosmetic industry:

  • Skids/Manufacturing platforms
  • Melters / modular Premix
  • Laboratory cream mixers, pilot and industrial series
  • Ex proof alcoholic chai
  • Ex proof cosmetic installations
  • Storage vessels
  • Mobile product transfer and pre-mix vessels
  • Thrust cone vessels for transfer pasty products to packaging line
  • Patented COP’Matic CIP system or integrated

They are suitable for the following cosmetic applications:

  • Foaming baths, gels, shampoos,…
  • Masks, care creams, milks, lotions, …
  • Alcoholic perfumes
  • Coloring products
  • Make-up products (lipsticks, glosses, mascaras, foundations, …)
  • Nail polish


  • Standard expertise on customer specificities
  • Financial Services (Rental / Sales Form)
  • R&D / testing / development (joint development of innovative manufacturing process in 3C FRANCE Clean Room)


Development phase of a production facility:

  • Risk assessment according to regulatory obligations (ATEX, CMR, …)
  • Analysis and expertise for controlling industrial risks
    • 3C FRANCE partners:
      • SVS@CAP
      • SOCOTEC
      • LCIE
  • Process validation / security / cleaning with the working group
  • EC / manufacturer certification

To meet the requirements of users and to comply with international standards in the field of health, 3C FRANCE builds its equipment in perfect agreement with the latest recommendations cGMP, BPF, FDA, in force.

Some of our achievements for the cosmetic industry:

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