Storage / transfer containers for liquid products KRONEN

3C FRANCE manufactures storage / transfer containers for liquid products with a capacity of 1000 liters.

Made entirely of stainless steel, “KRONEN” “cubic” containers, designed for the storage / transfer of liquid products, consist of highly curved sides which give the container a remarkable rigidity while ensuring its non-deformability.

Their design meets your requirements for performance, ergonomics and design.

The KS 10 (standard capacity 1000L) is also stackable on 3 levels.

The characteristics of the KS10:

Lenght 1 180 mm
Depth 1 180 mm
Height 1 425 mm
Stacking height 1 305 mm
Max volume ~ 1 000 L

The container KS is available in three different capacities (500L, 1000L and 1200L) and in 3 versions (RTMD, Ex Proof and standard).

These containers are available on request and/or on stock.

KRONEN containers in pictures

Technical data sheet

AdvantagesAvailable from stock
Reliable / Durable
Easy to clean
ConceptionStainless steel 316L LAF 2B

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