FAT reception in clean room

3C France has carried out all its FAT receptions in Clean Room since 2005.

This is closely linked to the real specialization that characterizes 3C France on Life Sciences, and on the level of its services in terms of skids and automated platforms.

Our teams of Qualification Engineers are responsible (together or not with the client) for writing the FAT (static, dynamic), SAT, IQ, OQ protocols.

The progress of these operations is done with the same teams, which allows a good continuity of our projects (documented Pre FAT, FAT then SAT …). Our services also concern the FAT platform on the automation part of our installations.

The objective of the FAT is to carry out visual, mechanical and documented performance checks of the various elements of equipment or installations.

The controls (dimensional, roughness, endoscopy, ferrite rate…), tests (drainability, riboflavin…), tests (tightness…) required by our clients and by the European legislation are carried out at 3C France by our teams, with calibrated measurements and the appropriate utilities (clean steam, cold water, demined water, compressed air…).

Our clean room in pictures

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