3C FRANCE creates LOKRO®, its subsidiary rental / sale for standard equipment

Your needs change, 3C FRANCE set up the appropriate solutions.

In response to a growing demand of equipment for one-off industrial projects, 3C FRANCE creates LOKRO®, its subsidiary for rental / sale of standard equipment.

Many of you are calling us for specific industrial projects for which you need mixing and/or storage vessels that you do not want to keep after the production runs.

To meet this demand, we have set up a dedicated service for several months that manages our fleet of standard vessels manufactured by 3C FRANCE and proposes rental/sale of vessels for preparation and storage of dry, liquid and viscous and/or pasty products as well as standard cleaning equipment.

A team of technicians advises you at 02 48 81 66 60.

Depending on your needs and if the vessels on stock require adjustments / adaptations, the LOKRO team will rely on the 3C FRANCE engineers and technicians.

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